American Religious Experience

Ancient Egyptian Religion

An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament

Ante-Nicene Fathers

Battle for the Minds

Canons of Dort


Doomsday, Destructive Religious Cults

Essene Nazarean Church

Gnostic Society Library

Historic Church Documents


Liquid Fire Within Me

Material History of American Religion Project

Moabite Gods

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

The Origins of Egyptian Religion


Religion & Ethics

Religious Freedom

Religious Movements

Religion, Rights, and Terrorism

Salem Witch Trials of 1692

Temple Mount & Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement


Understanding Religious Experience and Expression


World Union of Deists

A Handbook of Egyptian Religion

Assessing the Roots of Pentecostalism

Christian-Jewish Relations


Chronology of the Gnostic Movement

Ebionite Jewish Community

Epicurean History

Hermetic Philosophy & the Mystery of Being

History of American Religion: Timeline

How Persia Created Judaism

Humanism: An Alternative to Religion

Humanistic Judaism

  Humanistic Judaism FAQ

Israelite Religion to Judaism: The Evolution of the Religion of Israel



Kol Hadash
Humanistic Jewish Congregation

Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents

Medieval Jewish-Christian Disputations

Metaphysics: Multiple Meanings

Native American Spirituality & Religion

Official Denominational Web Sites

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Overview Of World Religions

Protestant Reformed Churches in America

Religion Around the World

The Religion of Catal Huyuk

Religious Movements

Religious Studies


Second Temple Judaism: A Brief Historical Outline

Sonoran Sunrise Grove

Spiritual Humanism

Symbols of Ancient Power

Understanding Religious Experience and Expression

What Is Religion?

World Religions




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