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2010 Newsletters

What God Treasures

The heart is the center of life and where one's heart is reveals what he or she most values.
Obviously, protecting one's treasure is of great importance and the place that offers the
greatest security is of primary importance.
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Religious Beliefs Systems Change & That is a Fact!

Religious people seem to believe that their religious beliefs were passed down
 to them as a complete body of absolute truths directly from God. 
Interestingly, those same beliefs define who they believe God is and 
what He requires of His people. They believe their beliefs are “divine truths” 
and that they should serve and worship God.
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Learning About the Past to Understand the Present - Continued
This newsletter is divided into three parts.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Learning About the Past to Understand the Present
The seed from which Christianity sprouted was the Yeshua (Jesus) Movement, 
which began between 24 and 27 CE. Some sources indicate that Yeshua led it 
for about one year, while others believe it was closer to three years. 
Under his leadership it was an exclusively Jewish sect.

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The freedom to believe what is not acceptable,
logical, consistent or comprehensible.
There are many beliefs that are “truths” because they are in agreement
with a particular religious institution’s beliefs. Which are protected by the 1st Amendment?

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Am I My Brother's Keeper?
Why did Cain murder Able and what lessons can we learn?
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What Does God Require?

A continuation of the May newsletter.
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The Teachings of Jesus or Beliefs About Jesus?
Which was most important to the historical Jesus?
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Jesus Didn't Go to Church
Jesus didn't found or attend a church - he went to the synagogue.
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What happens if God doesn't do what He was supposed to do?
A lot of people say they know what God's going to do.  What happens when he doesn't?
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TESHUVAH: Repentance
Rediscovering the teachings of the historical Jesus series.
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New Home, Job & Life: Just for taking a Bite!
The showdown in the Garden of Eden.
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New Home, Jobs & Life: Just for taking a bite!

Origen on the Resurrection

Party, Sect or Heresy
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Religion & Politics: Gasoline & Fire!

Tamar: Seductress or Survivor?


The Birth of Evil in Yahweh's Garden

The Eleusinian Mysteries

The Foundation of Our Truths

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The High Holidays

The Jesus Dynasty

The Jewish Calendar

The Rebaptizers

The Resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15
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The Sacarii

The Shabbat Covenant
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The Shabbat Covenant & Righteousness
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Thousands Are Praying For You To Die!

Which Meaning Should We Use?

Who Was Jesus?

Who was the first Christ?

Who's at the Door?

Yesterday’s Heresies – Today’s Religions  




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