Greek-English Transliteration Exercise 2

Keep in mind that one of the primary reasons we transliterate the Greek and Hebrew words of our Bible is to determine if the translators of our version of the Bible transliterated or translated them.  If they transliterated a word, our first question is "Why?"  Since the words have a meaning that could have been translated, why would they transliterate?

The above Greek word is transliterated into English as -- 


It is found in Matthew 3:1 --

In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea.

If we looked up the word in a Greek dictionary we would find the following definition -- "to dip or immerse in water."  Wouldn't have been much better if the English translators had simply translated the word in the New Testament, instead of transliterating it?  

The next step is to find out what this would have meant to Jesus and his Jewish followers in first century Israel.  Click Here to read the article on "Ablution" from the Jewish Encyclopedia.




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