Greek-English Transliteration Exercise 1

Greek is read from the left to the right, so we will begin with the first letter on the left and proceed to the right.  Notice that the second letter has a mark above it.  Below is a graphic that shows the line and column that the Greek letter is found on the Greek-English Transliterator and the English transliteration. The references to the location of the letters on the Transliterator are row first followed by the column.  2B means row 2 column B.

The English transliteration of the Greek word is Biblos -- this is the word from which our English word Bible originates.  The "-os" ending of the Greek word is dropped and an "e" is added.  The Greek word is found in Matthew 1:1 and is translated as "book," which is its primary translation.  

Book of the lineage of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham.

See if you can find the Greek words that are translated or transliterated as Jesus, Christ, David and Abraham.  After you find those four words, see if you can find the Greek words that are translated as lineage and son




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