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In many ways, studying the Bible is like building a house.  As we read its ancient words we build belief structures that play major roles in our lives.  Yet, almost every Bible reader is like a carpenter who tries to build a house without the proper tools.  What would you think if you hired a carpenter to do some work at your home and he arrived with just a hammer - and nothing else?  

The tools listed here are the essential tools that EVERY Bible reader needs to discover the most ACCURATE MEANINGS of the words in their Bible.  The fact of the matter is that probably 99.9% of the people reading a Bible only read someone's translation - NOT THE BIBLE ITSELF!  Add these tools to your Bible study program and you will take a giant leap beyond the maze of translations!

Basic Training

The Biblical Heritage
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Learn how words work so that you can find the right definitions for biblical words - and its FREE!

Interlinear Bibles

New Testament Greek / English Interlinear Bible


Old Testament Hebrew / English Interlinear Bible

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Never use just a translation for Bible study again!  You must - absolutely must - see the actual Hebrew and Greek words behind the translation.  You don't have to spend years in college to be able to work with Hebrew & Greek.  These are the first two tools that you must acquire for your Bible Study Tool Kit.


Analytical Lexicon


Analytical Lexicon

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These tools will allow you to find the root word and thereby the meanings for any word in the Bible.  Once you know the root word you will be able to use many other research resources and tools that will greatly enhance your study of the Bible.  Add these to your Bible Study Tool Kit today!


An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon  
Henry George Liddell & Robert Scott


A Concise Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon 
by William L. Holladay

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Once you find the root words in your Analytical Lexicon you will be able to use two great Lexicons available for Bible Study.



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