Should the Ten Commandments Be Displayed on Public Property?

Should the
Ten Commandments
Be Displayed on
Public Property?




The Ten Commandments became the subject of heated debate in 2003 when a Alabama Supreme Court Justice refused to obey a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the state supreme court building. This issue is being cited by many groups as an example of a concerted campaign to erase any mention of God or religion from the public square in America .

One very famous Christian leader said, “Christians everywhere simply must make a bold stand for God's righteous standard.”  Before you get too emotionally involved in this heated debate, you might want to answer one very important question first:  Which set of 10 Commandments should be displayed on public property?

Print the complete brochure by following the instructions below.  The files are in PDF format, if you do not have this program on your computer click on the link at the bottom and download a free version.

(1) Print the front page of the brochure first
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(2) Take the copy from your printer and turn it over and place it back in the printer.

(3) Print the second side by clicking here.

(4) With the 2nd side up, fold the right side over
until it covers the middle section named
"The Roman Catholic Version."

(5) Now fold the left side over the section named
"How About the Original Set?  

(6) Print as many copies as you like and hand them out or mail them to others who may be interested.

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