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Who Was Jesus?
By Jim Myers

The members of the Jesus Movement found themselves in a great deal of confusion after the execution of Jesus by the Romans.  Some said that Jesus had appeared to them, while others had no such experience. Even with the with the accounts of his appearance circulating there was a great deal of confusion because Jesus had not met the prevailing Jewish Messianic expectations -- the true Messiah would conquer the nations that oppressed Israel and bring them into submission.  Israel would be a free and powerful nation – a world-class power!  Neither the pre-crucifixion Jesus nor the resurrected Christ changed anything – Israel was still under the oppressive domination of the Romans. 

This created a tremendous problem for the original Jewish members of the Jesus Movement because Jesus hadn’t done what everyone believed the Messiah was supposed to do.  I can just imagine what many of them must have thought.  How could they continue claiming that their Messiah was the real Messiah – it appeared to most people that Jesus was just as dead as all the other messiahs that the Romans had executed. 

Had Jesus just been another false Messiah or was it possible that their Messianic Expectations been wrong?  During the chaotic days following Jesus’ execution the question arose that would dominate Christian thought for the next three hundred years – Who was Jesus?


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