How You Can Help BHC

(1) Send a tax-deductible contribution today. 
(2) Commit to send a regular monthly tax-deductible contribution.

It is very difficult for us to make long-term plans without having the funds or commitments for future gifts.  Just think what it would be like to go to work everyday without knowing when your boss was going give you a paycheck?  If you want to become a very special friend of BHC, let us know that you will be sending a tax-deductible donation every month.  You commitment makes so much difference and really helps.  

(3) Create a Memorial in the Biblical Heritage Center Memorial Gardens.

Create a Memorial for a loved one, your family or yourself in the Biblical Heritage Center Memorial Garden.  This very special place on the BHC website that may be visited at any time day or night from any place on the earth that has internet capabilities.  Share these special memories with family members, friends or BHC visitors who may simply be strolling through the garden or seeking insights and wisdom.  Click Here.

(4) Remember BHC in your Estate Planning & Will.

It is possible to make a significant future gift in a way that will not affect your world today, but will continue to touch the lives and benefit those who will live after you are gone.  Your gift will help insure that the information and values that you have cherished, and understood the importance of, will be available to future generations.  An estate plan not only divides and distributes property, it can provide security for loved ones, minimize taxes and estate costs and, through a variety of testamentary gifts, create a lasting legacy for the Biblical Heritage Center.  Click here for more information.

(5) Buy books and gifts through the BHC Online Mall
(6) E-mail all your friends about our work and website.
(7) Keep BHC in your prayers.

Mail your tax-deductible gift to:

Biblical Heritage Center
P. O. Box 79
Cleburne, TX 76033-0079




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